About the City

Cardiff is a city proud of its culture, history and language which has undergone a fascinating journey over the last 2000 years. Discover Cardiff’s progress from a small settlement, to the world’s busiest port, to the modern capital city it is today. Learn about Cardiff Bay, its history and its future as well as what’s on offer now.

To enhance your taste of Wales, visit our Instant Welsh lesson page. Here you’ll find a quick introduction to the Welsh language as well as where you can go to learn more.

When arriving in Cardiff, Wales or even the UK for the first time, it’s good to have a bit of background knowledge. Our Essential Information page has everything you’ll need to know such as currency, geography and politics

Live in Cardiff

Cardiff is a truly unique capital that offers the full range of infrastructure expected of any modern capital whilst at the same time boasts an enviable quality of life. Cardiff’s residents believe the city is one of Europe’s best as a place to live and work and the city-region benefits from a panoramic leisure offer.

Cardiff itself is a‘city of parks’ with more green space per person than any other Core UK city and has been described as the ‘epitome of cool’ by the renowned Lonely Planet travel guide. Visitors and residents alike enjoy a varied nightlife including the hustle and bustle of St Mary Street and the relaxed contemporary dining and bars in Cardiff Bay.

Known as the ‘city of arcades’, Cardiff offers a mix of boutique stores found in the city’s elegant Victorian arcades,and the city centre facilities of a modern European capital. Find out more about Shopping in Cardiff here.

Cardiff is home to world-class venues and international events; the 75,000 capacity Millennium Stadium is recognised across the world and the Wales Millennium Centre has established a worldwide reputation as an iconic arts and cultural destination. Living and working in Wales makes a healthy work-life balance both achievable and enjoyable.

Visit Cardiff

Within Cardiff, Wales’ Capital city you’ll find unique attractions, top class entertainment and quality shopping with a difference – all within walking distance. Innovative architecture sits alongside historic buildings and Cardiff Bay offers entertainment for everyone.

Work in Cardiff

If you are locating or relocating in the UK, Cardiff is your capital opportunity.

For a capital city, Cardiff is compact and manageable, with excellent Employment opportunities. Cardiff has experienced significant growth in Employment, and offers a range of large national and multi-national employers, based in and around the city-region.

As the capital of Wales, Cardiff also benefits from large employers such as the Assembly Government, Cardiff Council and NHS Wales. It also benefits from many UK headquarters as well as Welsh headquarters for organisations such as the BBC and charities such as Barnardos. Find out more about Employment here.

Getting around is quick and easy making the daily commute less of a chore, and you can access all the facilities expected of any modern capital without the stresses and strains of life in an over-populated concrete jungle.

Shop in Cardiff

Cardiff is a capital for shopping, and with a combination of designer brands, high street names as well as more individual and independent shops, there’s something for everyone.

Recently named the 6th best shopping destination in the UK, Cardiff has the whole spectrum of shopping, with charming Edwardian and Victorian arcades and ultra-modern shopping centres. And when you’ve had your fill of retail therapy, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars to stop and relax in.

Invest in Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most Competitive cities in the UK and can offer your business a platform to prosper. The Welsh capital is one of the fastest growing economies and has many examples of world-class Innovation and creativity, renowned Universities, one of the highest skilled workforces in the UK and – even more importantly now – an extremely Competitive cost base.

For a capital city, Cardiff is compact and manageable. Getting around is quick and easy; you get all of the facilities expected of any modern capital but without the stress.

Its modern transport infrastructure also enables your business to access major markets very quickly and its ICT connectivity is enhanced by significant new BT investments.

Cardiff has many attributes that sets it apart from other capitals – easy to do business and a great place to live. We want to help you make the right investment choice.

Study in Cardiff

With three major higher education institutions, Cardiff is ideal for students. It’s young, it’s cool. It’s the capital of Wales. Graduates (c) University of Glamorgan

The Millennium Stadium, International Arena and Wales Millennium Centre attract the biggest and best bands and shows.

It’s one of the top 10 shopping cities in the UK and is a breeding ground for a new generation of bands. It’s the home of Welsh rugby, international cricket, and the FA Cup finalists, Cardiff City.

The city centre and Cardiff Bay waterfront bars, restaurants and clubs offer nightlife worthy of a capital city. It’s also one of the cheapest places for students to live.

It’s small and friendly and easy to get around but big enough to offer all the best bits of living in a major city.

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